Sudoku + Math = iKendu

April 14, 2009

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Apprageous is pleased to announce the launch of iKendu for the iPhone and iPod touch!

If you like Sudoku, you’ll love iKendu.  iKendu adds a new spin to the popular game of Sudoku by layering in math expressions.  The puzzles range in size from 3×3 grids up to 6×6 grids and are challenging even for Sudoku experts.

iKendu is the perfect casual game.  It automatically saves your progress and starts up right where you left off.  iKendu offers pencil marks to help you solve the harder puzzles by making notes on which numbers are allowed in each cell.  iKendu also includes a timer option so you can compete against friends and family – as well as yourself!

Apprageous has worked hard to bring to market a game that people of all ages and appetites are sure to love.

Give iKendu a try today!

iKendu screen shots for the iPhone and iPod touch

iKendu screen shots for the iPhone and iPod touch